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PSA oxygen generator

PSA oxygen generator

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PSA oxygen generator is used for producing oxygen with high purity. Oxygen makes up around 21% of earth’s atmosphere but industrial and medical applications require high purity.PSA generator can generate oxygen with purity up to 95%. PSA plants are used for generating oxygen for meeting the requirements of various industries including melting, mining, and manufacturing of steel and other metals, production of chemicals, medical support, and production of stone and glass products.  And PSA process taps oxygen from the air through using Zeolite molecular sieves.  Oxygen with 95% purity is delivered while nitrogen sucked by molecular sieves is pushed back into atmosphere via the exhaust line. We manufacture PSA machinery with high quality materials and components.

PSA oxygen generator takes atmospheric air which is then passed through Zeolite molecular sieves separating oxygen from other gases present in the air. PSA plant is made up of 2 vessels —molecular sieves and Activated Alumina. Air is compressed at temperature of 30 degree Celsius through one vessel and oxygen comes out as a product.  Exhaust gas, nitrogen in our case, is discharged back into the atmosphere. When the molecular sieve bed is saturated the process of oxygen generation is switched  to the other bed by automatic valves while the saturated bed undergoes regeneration by depressurization and purging . And, 2 vessels keep working alternatively in oxygen generation and regeneration ensuring oxygen is always available for the process.

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