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psa oxygen plant

We are a leading Manufacturer of psa oxygen plant from New Delhi, India.
PSA Oxygen Plant

PSA Oxygen Plant

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PSA oxygen plant works by producing oxygen and nitrogen from atmospheric air.  Our atmosphere is made up of 21% oxygen, 78% nitrogen, 0.9% argon and 0.1% other gases. PSA oxygen plant separates oxygen and nitrogen from compressed air through a process known as Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA). Cutting-edge PSA technology employs synthetic Zeolite Molecular Sieve to absorb chiefly nitrogen.  When nitrogen collects into the pore system of the Zeolite, we get oxygen as a by-product. We are known for using the best materials & components in our fabricating. We are very particular about providing the best products to our customers. We fabricate and supply PSA plants that are reliable, durable and efficient machinery.  
Our PSA oxygen plant works through two vessels which are filled with Zeolite Molecular sieve as adsorbers. The compressed air passes through one of the adsorbers, the molecular sieve absorbs nitrogen. Then, the system makes oxygen to go through the adsorber and exist as a product gas. If the adsorber overflows with nitrogen the inlet flow is changed to the second adsorber. The 1st adsorber becomes operational by eliminating nitrogen by pushing down pressure. The process is repeated between high pressure and low pressure.  Our engineers have impeccable expertise in customizing the plant machinery as per the requirements of our clients.

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